The home of Tamanu Oil. We make cold pressed Tamanu Oil and Tamanu Oil based herbal medical oils. All our products are made in Fuvahmulah, Maldives, and they are 100% organic.

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Always seek advice of medical professionals—they are the experts.
Use herbal medicine responsibly. As with all herbal medicine, our products will not work the same way for everyone and you might not get the desired results.

Fuvahmulah City, Funaadu

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This product is good.

Mahmood Ahmed

Satisfied, good packing, and fast delivery.


First time buying from eTukuri, was a good experience. Everything went smoothly. Shipping: eTukuri Shipping was very fast and I received the product undamaged in good condition. Product: I am a long time user of Tamanu Oil from Huvan'dhu. I have used it for acne and scars due to acne, for insect bites and itching, for sun burns and as a sunscreen and many other skin problems. It works really well.

Mohamed Abdulla

Very happy with the product and quality of packing and delivery speed. Will buy it again. :D

Aishath Shahuma Naseer

This is my second bottle of Tamanu Oil. First time ordering through eTukuri though. It was packed so well and delivery was fast! Highly recommended. As for the oil, I have no words. I am shocked to see worst of the worst scars and black stretch marks disappearing! I have used many oils for the same purpose before, but this is different. Worth the money.