Tamanu Calm

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After a long day of stress, your mind and skin need to rest and heal. Tamanu Calm clears your mind of problems and assists you in moving into a more serene and loving environment. As you sleep, Tamanu Calm heals environmental damage and rejuvenates your skin.

Ingredient: Pure Tamanu oil ,Rose , Geranium , Lavender ; extract

Scent: Fresh floral perfume that is clean and light, with sweet herbal and balsamic overtones

Product summary: Allow your hectic day to fall away as you apply this calming, scented oil to your face and body. This nourishing, vitamin-rich blend will quickly penetrate into your skin, while the floral smells will relieve stress. Our Calm blend is intended to repair damage, reduce inflammation, and hydrate. The astringent nature of rose geranium promotes the skin to produce collagen, allowing it to retain suppleness and resist wrinkles. This is your ideal evening combination, but here's a secret: you can also wear it throughout the day for the same excellent results!

Specially Formulated to Treat: Damaged skin, Tired, dull skin, Wrinkles and fine lines, Acne, Anxiety, Stress


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