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• Peel carrots, cucumber, potatoes, fruits and more without any mess
• The sharp blade conforms to contours of food for ultimate peeling precision
• No clean up required as peels get collected neatly in the container
• Dispose off peelings without soiling your hands
• Ergonomic handle for a firm and comfortable grip
• Easy to clean and maintain

Brand: Wonderchef

Package Contents:
• Peeler: 1 Unit

Product Information
Smart Peeler

A Peeler is a small item with a big application in every kitchen. A peeler must have a sharp blade and an ergonomic handle for a firm grip while peeling vegetables or fruits. Wonderchef Smart Peeler has all the qualities of a good, efficient peeler. But it is Smarter! It is smart since it comes with a built-in container that collects the skin of the vegetable or the fruit as you peel it. This prevents any messy after-work. Very compact in size, it can be carried anywhere and everywhere.

Sharp blade
Peel any fruit or vegetable easily with the help of the sharp blade. It is made of high-grade stainless steel for great performance year after year

Container with Lid
As the name suggests it is a Smart Peeler. This smart peeler comes with an in-built container that collects the skin of the vegetables being peeled. This is truly a mess- free peeler.

Groovy Handle
The smart peeler comes with a long groovy handle for a strong grip. The strong grips enables to peel vegetables quickly and easily

Easy to Clean
The container of the smart peeler comes with a lid. It can be cleaned easily with water by removing the lid.

Compact and Elegant Design
This handy utensil is designed in such a way that it occupies less space. It can fit anywhere.

Designed aesthetically that there are no sharp edges except the blade itself, and there are no chances of getting any cuts while peeling vegetables.

Non-corrosive blades
The blades are non-corrosive and rust free.

Superior Quality
Wonderchef products are inspired by Italian design and adhere to German quality standards.


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