Mideer Puzzle - The Tree of Life 84p

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Why do jigsaw puzzles? COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT IN DOING PUZZLES Characterized by comprehension, organizing ideas and applying knowledge through choice and evaluation. Play promotes joyful learning that fosters self-regulation, language, cognitive and social competencies as well as content knowledge across disciplines.

Level Up! PuzzlesTen levels in total, designed specifically for kids of different age groups to develop level-based skills & abilities: Level 1 - ages 3+ & hand-eye coordination; Level 2 - ages 4+ & fine motor skills; Level 3 - ages 5+ & aesthetic appreciation; Level 4 - ages 6+ & increase in resilience; Level 5 - ages 7+ & logical thinking; Level 6 - ages 8+ artistic creativity. All with Learning Capacity
Package Includes-This set contains artist puzzles, glue, and collar badge for accomplishment
Each puzzle features brightly colored illustrations with cute animals, quite appealing to children at this age. The package includes three puzzles with different pieces, from easy to difficult, which helps promote concentration and confidence step by step.

Smooth & No Burrs -Smooth & burr-free edges, encouraging safe hands-on play & learning fun.

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