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Our LED Electric Toothbrush is made with Intelligent Sonic Technology to clean and whiten your teeth with fine Soft Bristles, recommended by Dental Professionals. It comes with a Exquisite style, ergonomically designed to handle. The 6 Blue LEDs accelerates the whitening of your tooth. The toothbrush has a 2 minute timing for each cycle, which will remind you after each 30 sec. Maxwana LED Electric Toothbrush is IPX7 Waterproof (which means it can last a maximum duration in water for 30 mins at a maximum depth of 1 meter) and can safely use while you are at the shower. This product comes with a kit consisting of 2 brush heads, Free Toothpaste, Charging base with USB cable and the Electric Toothbrush. The User Manual will give more details about this product and instructions for the product usage.

Product Specification:
Technology: LED Teeth Whitening Technology
Weight (Toothbrush): 116g
Brushing: 4 modes (Clean, White, Polish, Gum Care)
Color: White
Charging: USB
Waterproof: IPX7 (Max. Depth 1meter, Max Duration: 30mins)
Recommended Usage: Twice Per day, 2mins each time
Input Voltage: DC 5V
Vibration: 39600 RPM
Battery Type: 800mA Li-on
Battery Duration: 15 to 30 days (depends on the usage)
Dimensions: 240mm x 29mm (Toothbrush with brush head)
Weight (Full Kit): 610g

x1 Electric Toothbrush
x2 LED Brush Heads
x1 Charging Base
x1 Charging USB Cable
x1 User Manual
x1 Free Toothpaste

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610 g

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