Dispute Policy

Maldives Post ensures that eTukuri Local is a trustworthy platform. Regardless, disputes between buyers and merchants can occur. When a dispute occurs, the buyer should first contact the merchant directly and try to resolve the matter. If the parties cannot resolve their dispute, eTukuri provides a mechanism to address the buyer's complaint.

eTukuri dispute policy protects buyers' investments, and decides about whether or not to reimburse the buyer (or release the funds to the seller). Every dispute is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Whether you are a buyer or a seller on eTukuri, Maldives Post will ensure fair decisions based on all the information provided by both parties.

When using the platform, it is important to follow all the procedures and abide by all the terms and conditions of the platform.

Dispute Process

  1. Customer or the merchant raises the dispute
  2. Maldives Post evaluates the case
  3. Maldives Post take a decision and inform both parties
  4. Maldives Post take the necessary actions
  5. If unsatisfied, either party submit the case to arbitration/court

How to raise a dispute

To raise a dispute the customer or merchant needs to raise a ticket through eTukuri platform via shop.etukuri.mv. In the ticket, the customer/merchant needs to provide complete and accurate information regarding the case.

What happen when you raise a dispute?

When a dispute has being risen, the funds associated with that particular transaction, will be placed on hold until the dispute is resolved. These funds will be released to the merchant or refunded to the customer based on the decision made by Maldives Post after evaluating the case.

Closing the dispute

Maldives Post will close the ticket after the dispute has being resolved and the decision has being communicated to both parties. If an understanding has being made between the customer and merchant after the ticket was raised, the ticket will be closed by Maldives Post. 

After a ticket has being closed, the dispute cannot be re-opened. If either party is unsatisfied by the Maldives Post decision, after the ticket is closed, either party can apply for arbitration/court.