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Coffee is something virtually everyone gets in contact with in some form and we are here to elevate the coffee experience working in-tune with the ethos and the values of Specialty Coffee Industry.

Founded in 2014, we are always driven by doing what is right. It is our mission to impact people positively and leave them in a happier place than we found them in.

Our values are simple, as important as it is for a business to make profit and be sustainable, we also want to make sure while doing this we can achieve the following…
- The quality of life of our staff improves along with their career in coffee.
- To form a tightly knit relationship between the community of people we interact with.
- To develop young people who would become the future coffee professionals who also have good work ethics and character.
- To do better than yesterday and pursue new ideas and innovative ways to improve the coffee experience.

• Coffee Lab Roasters was awarded MSME of the year by Maldives Business Awards (2019)
• The Family Room Café was awarded Excellence in Food and Beverages by Maldives Business Awards (2019)
• Bronze Medal at Australian International Coffee Awards for Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee roasted by Coffee Lab Roasters (2019)
• Bronze Medal at Australian International Coffee Awards for Holhuashi Espresso Blend coffee roasted by Coffee Lab Roasters (2019)

Male' City, Hulhumale'

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mohamed ahmed

Very Nice product, have to check out more products from Coffee Lab Roasters Fast and reliable delivery service from eTukuri


Excellent quality product. The tea is fresh tasting and full of flavor, if you like flavorful teas this is the one for you.